Jean-Pierre Eckmann (UNIGE) joins the list of mentors of our mentoring programme

Geneva - Switzerland

img_news_1We are glad to inform you that our member Jean-Pierre Eckmann (UNIGE) has joined the list of mentors of our SwissMAP PhD and Postdoc mentoring programme. The programme was launched to support our PhD and Postdoc SwissMAP members and to give them access to the knowledge, skills and expertise of our more senior SwissMAP participants who volunteered as mentors.More »

Registration Journee Georges de Rham now open

Geneva - Switzerland

img_news_1As you know, in light of the pandemic and the current situation, the Journée Georges de Rham was postponed to 23rd September 2020. We are glad to announce that the event has been confirmed and will take place at UNIGE in compliance of the University’s sanitary regulations. Registration is free but mandatory.More »

Simone Chiarello's (UNIGE, Szenes Group) thesis defense and next steps

Geneva - Switzerland

img_news_1Simone defended his PhD thesis on 20th of August 2020, which was entitled "Equivariant intersection theory on the moduli space of rank 2 Higgs bundles".More »

Open PhD Position (UNIGE, Sonner Group)

Geneva - Switzerland

img_news_1Open PhD Position (UNIGE, Sonner Group) Deadline on Sep 4, 2020. Job description: Applications are invited for a PhD position in the subjects of High Energy Theory, Holography and String Theory. The PhD position is fully funded for four years and starts at the beginning of 2021.More »

The Math of Social Distancing Is a Lesson in Geometry

Lausanne - Switzerland

img_news_1QuantaMagazine article mentions the work of our member Maryna Viazovska. "How to safely reopen offices, schools and other public spaces while keeping people six feet apart comes down to a question mathematicians have been studying for centuries.".More »

Prix, distinctions et nominations des collaborateurs et collaboratrices de l'UNIGE

Geneva - Switzerland

img_news_1Professeur à la Section de mathématiques, Anton Alekseev est le premier lauréat de la médaille de l’Institut Erwin Schrödinger pour les mathématiques et la physique (ESI).More »

SwissMAP Y6 Site Visit videos

Geneva - Switzerland

img_news_1We invite you to view the videos which were made especially for our recent SNSF Site Visit which took place online earlier in June.More »

SwissMAP Innovator Prize 2020

Geneva - Switzerland

img_news_1Congratulations to our members Fiona Seibold and Pierrick Bousseau who have been awarded the 2020 SwissMAP Innovator Prize! More »

Beauty of Mathematicst

Zurich - Switzerland

img_news_1Beauty of Mathematics is a motivating interview with our member Alessio Figalli (ETH Zurich) in which he describes his path as a mathematician (IT with EN subtitles).More »

Our member Maryna Viazovska featured on the EPFL Summer Series, Science as a vocation

Lausanne - Switzerland

img_news_1Our member Maryna Viazovska featured on the EPFL Summer Series, Science as a vocation. Discover how Maryna resolved the problem of sphere packing in 8 and 24 dimensions!More »

Maryna Viazovska, explorer of mathematical dimensions

Lausanne - Switzerland

img_news_1Mirage article: "Maryna Viazovska, who holds the Chair of Number Theory at EPFL, has resolved the problem of sphere packing in 8 and 24 dimensions...."More »


Online Events

img_events_6Our events are now being held online!

Aug - Sep 2020
More »

Junior Global Poisson Virtual Workshop

14 - 16 Sep 2020
Hosted by: University of Geneva

Virtual Three-Day Workshop for Young Poisson Geometers More »

Global Poisson Webinar series

Sep 2020
Hosted by: University of Geneva

17/09/2020 - Speaker: Silvia Sabatini (Universität zu Köln )
Title: Some topological properties of monotone complexity one spaces

[K-OS] Knot Online Seminar

Sep 2020
Hosted by: University of Geneva, CNRS

03/09/2020 - Speaker: Jun Murakami (Waseda University)
Title: Some applications of the volume conjecture

10/09/2020 - Speaker: Marco Golla (Université de Nantes — CNRS)
Title: Symplectic rational cuspidal curves

17/09/2020 - Speaker: Stefan Friedl (Universität Regensburg)
Title: Reidemeister torsion and topological link concordance

24/09/2020 - Speaker: Fathi Ben Aribi (Université Catholique de Louvain)
Title: The Teichmüller TQFT volume conjecture for twist knots



7th SwissMAP General Meeting

06/09/2020 to 09/09/2020
Saanenmöser - Switzerland

img_events_10The 7th SwissMAP General Meeting will take place in Saanenmöser (Canton Bern) on 6-9 September, 2020. More »

Journee Georges de Rham 2020

Geneva - Switzerland

img_events_10This conference will be postponed to the fall of 2020. This year, the invited speakers are James Maynard (University of Oxford) and Corinna Ulcigrai (University of Zurich). More »

Conference in honor of J.-P. Eckmann (UniGE)

07/06/2021 - 10/06/2021
Geneva - Switzerland

img_events_10The conference has been postponed to 2021, (previous date: 22-25 June 2020). This conference will bring together students and close collaborators of Jean-Pierre Eckmann on the occasion of his 50 years at the University of Geneva. More »

Gauge/Gravity Duality

26/07/2021 - 30/07/2021
Geneva - Switzerland

img_events_10 The conference has been postponed to July 26 - 30, 2021 to be held again at CERN. Gauge/Gravity Duality has established itself as a significant link between gravitation and quantum field theory. More »

Geneva to host ICMP 2021

29/07/2021 to 07/08/2021
Geneva - Switzerland

img_events_10 We are happy to announce that Geneva will be hosting the next International Congress of Mathematical Physics in 2021. The event is expected to attract around 800 participants from around the world. More »



Adrián Sánchez Garrido

Location: University of Geneva

Group: J. Sonner

Projects: String Theory

More »


Florian Stäbler

Location: University of Geneva

Group: E. Sukhorukov

Projects: Quantum Systems

More »


Cai Yu

Location: University of Geneva

Group: N. Brunner & N. Gisin

Projects: Quantum Systems

More »



Andreas Deuchert

Location: University of Zurich

Group: B. Schlein

Projects: Quantum Systems

More »


Fiona Seibold

Location: ETH Zurich

Group: N. Beisert

Projects: String Theory

More »




Hybrid Thermal Machines: Generalized Thermodynamic Resources for Multitasking

Gonzalo Manzano, Rafael Sánchez, Ralph Silva, Géraldine Haack, Jonatan B. Brask, Nicolas Brunner, Patrick P. Potts

arXiv:2009.03830 More »


Excess deviations for points disconnected by random interlacements

Alain-Sol Sznitman

arXiv:2009.00601 More »


Resurgence of Faddeev's quantum dilogarithm

Stavros Garoufalidis, Rinat Kashaev

arXiv:2008.12465 More »


Density of imaginary multiplicative chaos via Malliavin calculus

Juhan Aru, Antoine Jego, Janne Junnila

arXiv:2008.11768 More »


The virtual K-theory of Quot schemes of surfaces

Noah Arbesfeld, Drew Johnson, Woonam Lim, Dragos Oprea, Rahul Pandharipande

arXiv:2008.10661 More »


On the rational homotopy type of embedding spaces of manifolds in R^n

Benoit Fresse, Victor Turchin, Thomas Willwacher

arXiv:2008.08146 More »


S matrix for a three-parameter integrable deformation of AdS_3 x S^3 strings

Marco Bocconcello, Isari Masuda, Fiona K. Seibold, Alessandro Sfondrini

arXiv:2008.07603 More »


Exact Solutions for the Singularly Perturbed Riccati Equation and Exact WKB Analysis

Nikita Nikolaev

arXiv:2008.06492 More »


Poncelet property and quasi-periodicity of the integrable Boltzmann system

Giovanni Felder

arXiv:2008.03480 More »


Selected Topics in the Large Quantum Number Expansion

Luis Àlvarez Gaumé, Domenico Orlando, Susanne Reffert

arXiv:2008.03308 More »


Full-sky bispectrum in redshift space for 21cm intensity maps

Ruth Durrer, Mona Jalilvand, Rahul Kothari, Roy Maartens, Francesco Montanari

arXiv:2008.02266 More »


Bound State Scattering Simplified

Marius de Leeuw, Burkhard Eden, Alessandro Sfondrini

arXiv:2008.01378 More »


Late time physics of holographic quantum chaos

Alexander Altland, Julian Sonner

arXiv:2008.02271 More »


Steering in no-signalling theories

Emmanuel Zambrini Cruzeiro, Nicolas Gisin, Sandu Popescu

arXiv:2007.15502 More »


Planar random-cluster model: fractal properties of the critical phase

Hugo Duminil-Copin, Ioan Manolescu, Vincent Tassion

arXiv:2007.14707 More »


Gravitational-wave signatures of quantum gravity

Ivan Agullo, Vitor Cardoso, Adrian del Rio, Michele Maggiore, Jorge Pullin

arXiv:2007.13761 More »


Quantum nonlocality in networks can be demonstrated with an arbitrarily small level of independence between the sources

Ivan Šupić, Jean-Daniel Bancal, Nicolas Brunner

arXiv:2007.12950 More »


The Alexander polynomial as a universal invariant

Rinat Kashaev

arXiv:2007.11036 More »


Optimal universal programming of unitary gates

Yuxiang Yang, Renato Renner, Giulio Chiribella

arXiv:2007.10363 More »


The resurgent structure of quantum knot invariants

Stavros Garoufalidis, Jie Gu, Marcos Marino

arXiv:2007.10190 More »


Symplectic *versus* Prequantum Induction

Tudor S. Ratiu, Francois Ziegler

arXiv:2007.09434 More »


Symplectic Microgeometry IV: Quantization

Alberto S. Cattaneo, Benoit Dherin, Alan Weinstein

arXiv:2007.08167 More »


Fourier uniqueness in \mathbb{R}^4

Andrew Bakan, Haakan Hedenmalm, Alfonso Montes-Rodriguez, Danylo Radchenko, Maryna Viazovska

arXiv:2007.03981 More »


Genuine high-dimensional quantum steering

Sébastien Designolle, Vatshal Srivastav, Roope Uola, Natalia Herrera Valencia, Will McCutcheon, Mehul Malik, Nicolas Brunner

arXiv:2007.02718 More »