Holography and bulk-boundary correspondence

Holographic duality is a research area that plays a major role in developments across the board from string theory and quantum field theory to condensed matter physics. In particular, the AdS/CFT correspondence is a duality conjecturally relating string theory in Anti-de-Sitter space to conformal field theory on its asymptotic conformal boundary. The prototypical case connecting string theory on AdS^5 × S^5 and N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills (SYM) theory in 4 dimensions has been extended and applied to many other cases and has been an active field of research for over 20 years.


Recent years have seen a surge of activity on relating simple many-body quantum system to holographically emergent gravity, rich connections to quantum information theory, the conformal bootstrap, as well as renewed efforts to prove holographic dualities in such contexts and beyond.


Primary research directions include:


  • proving holography
  • holography and integrability
  • applications to field theory and conformal bootstrap
  • infinite-dimensional symplectic geometry
  • bulk-boundary correspondence in condensed matter theory
  • non-perturbative effects in field theory and gravity



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