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  • The quest for infinite paths

    ETH Zurich interview with our member Barbara Dembin: How does water seep through porous rock? Investigating this question with a mathematical model was the starting point for her research. The mathema... read more All news
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Exploring Quadratis puzzles, H. Parlier (University of Luxembourg) & P. Turner (University of Geneva)

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  • Discovery of Optimal Thermometers with Spin Networks aided by Machine-Learning

    Paolo Abiuso, Paolo Andrea Erdman, Michael Ronen, Frank Noé, Géraldine Haack, Martí Perarnau-Llobet

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  • Pavlo Gavrylenko

    Visit: June 2022
    Location: Geneva (Alba Grassi's Group)
    Research project(s) :
    String Theory, Field Theory, Geometry, Topology and Physics
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