Friday, 4 December, 2015
Erwin Bolthausen, Remco van der Hofstad, Gady Kozma

We show Green's function asymptotics for the two-point function of weakly self-avoiding walk in dimension bigger than 4, reproving a classic result by Brydges and Spencer in 1985. Our proof...

Wednesday, 2 December, 2015
Alberto S. Cattaneo, Pavel Mnev, Konstantin Wernli

The goal of this note is to give a brief overview of the BV-BFV formalism developed by the first two authors and Reshetikhin in [arXiv:1201.0290], [arXiv:1507.01221] in order to perform...

Tuesday, 1 December, 2015
Slava Rychkov, Lorenzo G. Vitale

The Fock-space Hamiltonian truncation method is developed further, paying particular attention to the treatment of the scalar field zero mode. This is applied to the two-dimensional Phi^4 theory...

Monday, 30 November, 2015
Matthijs Hogervorst, Slava Rychkov, Balt C. van Rees

We consider the continuation of free and interacting scalar field theory to non-integer spacetime dimension d. We find that the correlation functions in these theories are necessarily...

Monday, 30 November, 2015
Nathan Benjamin, Shamit Kachru, Christoph A. Keller, Natalie M. Paquette

It is of interest to find criteria on a 2d CFT which indicate that it gives rise to emergent gravity in a macroscopic 3d AdS space via holography. Symmetric orbifolds in the large N limit have...

Tuesday, 24 November, 2015
Sergei Merkulov, Thomas Willwacher

We establish a new and surprisingly strong link between two previously unrelated theories: the theory of moduli spaces of curves Mg,n (which, according to Penner, is controlled by the...

Wednesday, 18 November, 2015
Erwin Bolthausen, Wolfgang Koenig, Chiranjib Mukherjee

We consider mean-field interactions corresponding to Gibbs measures on interacting Brownian paths in three dimensions. The interaction is self-attractive and is given by a singular Coulomb...

Tuesday, 17 November, 2015
Titus Lupu, Wendelin Werner

We make a few elementary observations that relate directly the items mentioned in the title. In particular, we note that when one superimposes the random current model related to the Ising model...

Monday, 16 November, 2015
Lyle Noakes, Tudor S. Ratiu

Bi-Jacobi fields are generalized Jacobi fields, and are used to efficiently compute approximations to Riemannian cubic splines in a Riemannian manifold M. Calculating bi-Jacobi fields is...

Communications in Mathematical Sciences, Vol 14, No 1
Monday, 9 November, 2015
Yasuyuki Hatsuda, Marcos Marino

Inspired by recent connections between spectral theory and topological string theory, we propose exact quantization conditions for the relativistic Toda lattice of N particles. These conditions...

Thursday, 5 November, 2015
David E. Kaplan, Riccardo Rattazzi

We present a renormalizable theory of scalars in which the low energy effective theory contains a pseudo-Goldstone Boson with a compact field space of 2{\pi} F and an approximate discrete shift...

Wednesday, 28 October, 2015
Slava Rychkov, Pierre Yvernay

We show how to refine conformal block expansion convergence estimates from hep-th/1208.6449. In doing so we find a novel explicit formula for the 3d...