Segre classes and Hilbert schemes of points

Thursday, 2 July, 2015

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We prove a closed formula for the integrals of the top Segre classes of tautological bundles over the Hilbert schemes of points of a K3 surface X. We derive relations among the Segre classes via equivariant localization of the virtual fundamental classes of Quot schemes on X. The resulting recursions are then solved explicitly. The formula proves the K-trivial case of a conjecture of M. Lehn from 1999.
The relations determining the Segre classes fit into a much wider theory. By localizing the virtual classes of certain relative Quot schemes on surfaces, we obtain new systems of relations among tautological classes on moduli spaces of surfaces and their relative Hilbert schemes of points. For the moduli of K3 sufaces, we produce relations intertwining the kappa classes and the Noether-Lefschetz loci. Conjectures are proposed.


Alina Marian
Dragos Oprea
Rahul Pandharipande