New member: Ödül Tetik (UZH, A. Cattaneo Group)

Zurich - Switzerland

img_news_1Ödül Tetik (UZH, A. Cattaneo Group) is a PhD student since November 2019. His research interests are in various approaches to the quantisation of field theories. More »

Virtual Talk by Tanja Stadler: Understanding the epidemic spread of COVID-​19 through analysis of Sars-​CoV-2 genomes

Zurich - Switzerland

img_news_1How did the virus spread across the globe? What are the transmission patterns within Switzerland? Tanja Stadler will shed light on these questions by exploring information encoded in SARS-​CoV-2 genomes in combination with data on confirmed cases. More »

Wendelin Werner elected to the Royal Society

Zurich - Switzerland

img_news_1ETH Zurich article: The renowned Royal Society has elected Wendelin Werner as its member. This means that the ETH mathematician now officially belongs to the "Foreign Members of the Royal Society (ForMemRS)". More »

Operations online during academic lockdown


img_news_1We are glad to announce that during the academic lockdown, we have shifted our different operations online and maintained close contact with our community. More »

New NCCR SwissMAP website

Geneva - Switzerland

img_news_1Welcome! We are glad to inform you that we have launched our new NCCR SwissMAP website. It includes many new features amongst which: Visibility to all members, Online events & Press coverage. More »

Departing members: Yuta Sekiguchi (UniBE, S. Reffert Group)

Bern - Switzerland

img_news_1Yuta Sekiguchi (UniBE, S. Reffert Group) received his PhD for his thesis "Topics inspired by the Omega-deformed string background". He will be an early postdoc at Imperial College London. More »

Thesis defense: Donald Ray Youmans (UniGE A. Alekseev Group)

Geneva - Switzerland

img_news_1Donald Ray Youmans (UniGE A. Alekseev Group) speaks to us about his thesis defense and his future plans. He will defend his thesis on the 14th of May. More »

Yanpeng Li (UniGE A. Alekseev Group) thesis defense

Geneva - Switzerland

img_news_1Yanpeng Li (UniGE A. Alekseev Group) will be defending his thesis entitled: "Tropicalization in Poisson Geometry and Lie Theory" on Friday 08th of May 2020. More »

Mathscope's Escape Game (12-15 year olds)

Geneva - Switzerland

img_news_1This week Mathscope invites 12-15 year olds to participate on a challenging 5 day Escape Game (FR). In this journey, every day a new question is published allowing participants to unlock the next level... More »

2020 Brin Prize for Dynamical Systems

Zurich - Switzerland

img_news_1Our member Corinna Ulcigrai (UZH) is the recipient of the 2020 Brin Prize for Dynamical Systems for her fundamental work on the ergodic theory of locally Hamiltonian flows on surfaces, of translation flows on periodic surfaces and wind-tree models, and her seminal work on higher genus generalizations of Markov and Lagrange spectra. More »

SwissMAP Research Station (SRS) website

Geneva - Switzerland

img_news_1We are glad to announce the launch of our SwissMAP Research Station (SRS) website. The Station, a joint venture of the University of Geneva and ETH Zurich, will open in January 2021 and will be based in Les Diablerets, Switzerland. More »

Departing member - Stefano Massai

Zurich - Switzerland

img_news_1From October 2020, Stefano Massai (ETH Zurich, Gaberdiel Group) will be starting a new position at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Padova. More »

Mathscope #StayAtHome activities and teaching materials

Geneva - Switzerland

img_news_1Mathscope has put in place a number of exciting activities and teaching materials (FR) to be used at home, as well as the possibility of personal teachers support. More »

Does Time Really Flow? New Clues Come From a Century-Old Approach to Math

Geneva - Switzerland

img_news_1Quantamagazine article on our member Nicolas Gisin's research: Does Time Really Flow? New Clues Come From a Century-Old Approach to Math.More »


Online Events

img_events_6Our events are now being held online!

April - May 2020

Recordings from Global Poisson & [K-OS] Knot Online Seminars

Hosted by: University of Geneva

We inform you that some of the recordings are available online from both, the previous Global Poisson Webinars (talks in the field of Poisson geometry, understood in a very broad sense) & the [K-OS] Knot Online Seminars (Knot Theory and low-dimensional topology). More »

Global Poisson Webinar series

Hosted by: University of Geneva

Our Deputy Director Anton Alekseev, Marius Crainic, Marco Gualtieri, Eckhard Meinrenken, Eva Miranda and SwissMAP Scholar Chenchang Zhu have launched a Global Poisson Webinar series. More »

Online UZH & ETH Zurich - Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems Seminar

Hosted by: University of Zurich & ETH Zurich

Our member Corinna Ulcigrai (UZH) is part of the organizing committee of the UZH & ETH Zurich Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems Seminar available online. This seminar takes place on Mondays. More »



Journee Georges de Rham 2020 - EVENT POSTPONED TO THIS FALL!

Geneva - Switzerland

img_events_10Upon decision of the organizers, this conference will be postponed to the fall of 2020 (exact date to be confirmed). More »

NCCR SwissMAP Site Visit

Geneva - Switzerland

img_events_10The NCCR SwissMAP Review Panel Site Visit will be held in June.
More »

Gauge/Gravity Duality 2020 (CERN, 27-31 July)

27/07/2020 to 31/07/2020
Geneva - Switzerland

img_events_10Gauge/Gravity Duality has established itself as a significant link between gravitation and quantum field theory. It provides a major tool for describing strongly coupled quantum systems. More »

7th SwissMAP General Meeting

06/09/2020 to 09/09/2020
Saanenmöser - Switzerland

img_events_10The 7th SwissMAP General Meeting will take place in Saanenmöser (Canton Bern) on 6-9 September, 2020. More »

Geneva to host ICMP 2021

29/07/2021 to 07/08/2021
Geneva - Switzerland

img_events_10 We are happy to announce that Geneva will be hosting the next International Congress of Mathematical Physics in 2021. The event is expected to attract around 800 participants from around the world. More »



Master Class in Mathematical Physics

01/09/2019 to 30/06/2020
Geneva - Switzerland

img_events_6SwissMAP is organizing a year-long master class at the University of Geneva in the academic year 2019/2020 for master and beginning PhD students. More »



Ödül Tetik

Location: University of Zurich

Projects: Field Theory

More »


The SwissMAP Scholar program highlights eminent women researchers in mathematics and theoretical physics visiting the SwissMAP groups.


Amanda Turner

Lancaster University

Visit: December, 2018 to June, 2020

Projects: Statistical Mechanics

More »




S-duality and correlation functions at large R-charge

Simeon Hellerman, Shunsuke Maeda, Domenico Orlando, Susanne Reffert, Masataka Watanabe

arXiv:2005.03021 More »


Fluctuations of extreme eigenvalues of sparse Erdős-Rényi graphs

Yukun He, Antti Knowles

arXiv:2005.02254 More »


Landau-Pekar equations and quantum fluctuations for the dynamics of a strongly coupled polaron

Nikolai Leopold, David Mitrouskas, Simone Rademacher, Benjamin Schlein, Robert Seiringer

arXiv:2005.02098 More »


Oriented hairy graphs and moduli spaces of curves

Assar Andersson, Thomas Willwacher, Marko Zivkovic

arXiv:2005.00439 More »


Extremal distance and conformal radius of a CLE_4 loop

Juhan Aru, Titus Lupu, Avelio Sepúlveda

arXiv:2004.13570 More »


Dark Energy, Dark Matter and Baryogenesis from a Model of a Complex Axion Field

Robert Brandenberger, Jürg Fröhlich

arXiv:2004.10025 More »


On the importance of lensing for galaxy clustering in photometric and spectroscopic surveys

Goran Jelic-Cizmek, Francesca Lepori, Camille Bonvin, Ruth Durrer

arXiv:2004.12981 More »


Causal Fermion Systems and the ETH Approach to Quantum Theory

Felix Finster, Jürg Fröhlich, Marco Oppio, Claudio F. Paganini

arXiv:2004.11785 More »


Algebraic and geometric properties of local transformations

Denis Rosset, Ämin Baumeler, Jean-Daniel Bancal, Nicolas Gisin, Anthony Martin, Marc-Olivier Renou, Elie Wolfe

arXiv:2004.09405 More »


Pixton's formula and Abel-Jacobi theory on the Picard stack

Younghan Bae, David Holmes, Rahul Pandharipande, Johannes Schmitt, Rosa Schwarz

arXiv:2004.08676 More »


The Small {\cal N}=4 Superconformal {\cal W}_{\infty} Algebra

Changhyun Ahn, Matthias R. Gaberdiel, Man Hea Kim

arXiv:2004.07439 More »


Ultimate limit on time signal generation

Yuxiang Yang, Renato Renner

arXiv:2004.07857 More »


Quantum many-body physics from a gravitational lens

Hong Liu, Julian Sonner

arXiv:2004.06159 More »


Independent security analysis of a commercial quantum random number generator

Mikhail Petrov, Igor Radchenko, Damian Steiger, Renato Renner, Matthias Troyer, Vadim Makarov

arXiv:2004.04996 More »


Lecture notes on the Gaussian Free Field

Wendelin Werner, Ellen Powell

arXiv:2004.04720 More »


From quantum curves to topological string partition functions II

Ioana Coman, Pietro Longhi, Jörg Teschner

arXiv:2004.04585 More »


Characters, Coadjoint Orbits and Duistermaat-Heckman Integrals

Anton Alekseev, Samson L. Shatashvili

arXiv:2004.03024 More »