Les Contes Spontanés «Science»

Geneva, Switzerland

img_news_1The “SPONTANEOUS SCIENCE STORIES” with Christian Baumann, Malik Kaufmann and in partnership with UNIGE’s Scienscope, will take place on Sunday 14th of November at 2pm at the Théâtre le Caveau in Geneva (FR). More »

Glimpse of the Wright Colloquium's Sound & Light Show

Geneva, Switzerland

img_news_1The Wright Colloquium's Sound & Light Show has started and will illuminate the façade of the University of Geneva's Uni Bastions until 21st of November every evening (6 pm, 7 pm and 8:30 pm). Take a glimpse of the rhythm of colourful paintings that evoke the beauty of mathematics! More »

"Does randomness really exist?" Public Talk by Hugo Duminil Copin available online

Geneva, Switzerland

img_news_1In the collective imagination, rolling die allows one to obtain an unpredictable result… But is this really true? If you did not get a chance to attend last week's Wright Colloquium Public Talk: "Does randomness really exist?" by our member Hugo Duminil Copin (UNIGE) you can now watch it online. More »

Securing data transfers with relativity

Geneva, Switzerland

img_news_1Press coverage mentioning the work of our member Nicolas Brunner (UNIGE). The research has been published on Nature: Experimental relativistic zero-knowledge proofs. More »

AI Generates Hypotheses Human Scientists Have Not Thought Of

Zurich, Switzerland

img_news_1Scientific American article mentioning the work of our member Renato Renner (ETH Zurich) and how Machine-learning algorithms can guide humans toward new experiments and theories. More »

"L'énigme du réel" available online

Geneva, Switzerland

img_news_1If you did not get the chance to attend the discussion earlier this month "L'énigme du réel" (FR) with our member Nicolas Gisin (UNIGE), Michel Mayor (UNIGE) Nobel Prize in Physics 2019, astrophysicist and Matthieu Ricard Buddhist monk, it is now available online. More »

Les entreprises suisses qui développent des produits à l'aide des technologies quantiques

Geneva, Switzerland

img_news_1PLAY RTS - (FR) "Les entreprises suisses qui développent des produits à l'aide des technologies quantiques". Interview with our member Nicolas Gisin (UNIGE) More »

SwissMAP Annual General Meeting - Photos and videos of the Colloquia & Public Talks

Les Diablerets, Switzerland

img_news_1We are glad to inform you that we have made available a selection of photographs, as well as the Colloquia & Public Talks from the 2021 SwissMAP General Meeting, which took place in September at the SwissMAP Research Station in les Diablerets in a hybrid format. More »

Open Postdoctoral position in Global Categorical Symmetries in UZH, Alberto Cattaneo’s Group

Zurich, Switzerland

img_news_1The Institute of Mathematics at the University of Zurich invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship supervised by Professor Alberto Cattaneo, as part of the Simons Collaboration on Global Categorical Symmetries. This is a joint physics and mathematics research program focused on the interplay between quantum field theory, topology, higher category theory and representation theory. More »

Video of the discussion on the book “Enigmes Mathématiques au temps de Charlemagne” now online

Lausanne, Switzerland

img_news_1If you did not get the chance earlier this week to attend the streamed discussion on the book “Enigmes Mathématiques au temps de Charlemagne” published by EPFL Press, the video of the discussion is currently online. More »

A Ciel Ouvert Science et Spiritualité - 16th October at 11:00

Geneva, Switzerland

img_news_1Our member Nicolas Gisin (UNIGE) will be part of the discussion "A Ciel Ouvert Science et Spiritualité" (FR) together with Michel Mayor (UNIGE) Nobel Prize in Physics 2019, astrophysicist and Matthieu Ricard Buddhist monk. More »

Un astronome, un physicien et un moine bouddhiste entrent dans un bar…

Geneva, Switzerland

img_news_1Article in Le Temps on the discussion "A Ciel Ouvert Science et Spiritualité" with our member Nicolas Gisin (UNIGE) together with Michel Mayor (UNIGE) Nobel Prize in Physics 2019, astrophysicist and Matthieu Ricard Buddhist monk on 16th October at 11:00 at UNIGE. More »

Mathematicians Prove Melting Ice Stays Smooth

Zurich, Switzerland

img_news_1QuantaMagazine article about the latest work by our member Alessio Figalli (ETH Zurich), with Joaquim Serra (ETH Zurich) and Xavier Ros Oton (Universitat de Barcelona). More »



Winter School in Mathematical Physics 2022

09/01/2022 - 14/01/2022
Les Diablerets - Switzerland

img_events_10The Winter School will take place in Hybrid Format. Please note that the number of onsite participants is restricted to 65. Online registrations are also possible. Onsite registration deadline: 5th December 2021. Online registration deadline: 15th December 2021More »

Conference in honor of J.-P. Eckmann (UniGE)

07/06/2022 - 10/06/2022
Geneva - Switzerland

img_events_10The conference has been postponed to 2022, (previous dates: 22-25 June 2020 and 7-10 June 2021). This conference will bring together students and close collaborators of Jean-Pierre Eckmann on the occasion of his 50 years at the University of Geneva. More »


Online Events

img_events_6Our events are being held online

November 2021
More »

Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems Seminar

Hosted by: University of Zurich

01/11/2021 - Speaker: Tsviqa Lakrec (Institut für Mathematik, UZH)
Title: Equidistribution of affine random walks on some nilmanifolds

08/11/2021 - Speaker: Manuel Lüthi (EPFL)
Title: Random walks on homogeneous spaces, Spectral Gaps, and Khintchine's theorem on fractals

15/11/2021 - Speaker: Romain Dujardin (Sorbonne Université)
Title: Dynamics of groups of automorphisms of compact complex surfaces

22/11/2021 - Speaker: Mihajlo Cekic (UZH)
Title: Ergodicity of frame flows on even-dimensional manifolds

29/11/2021 - Speaker: Nicolas Matte Bon (Université Lyon 1)
Title: Locally moving groups acting on intervals

Global Poisson Webinar series

Hosted by: University of Geneva

04/11/2021 - Speaker: Mykola Matviichuk (McGill)
Title: Poisson brackets on projective bundles

11/11/2021 - Speaker: Yael Karshon (Toronto)
Title: TBA

18/11/2021 - Speaker: Jim Stasheff (University of Pennsylvania)
Title: TBA

25/11/2021 - Speaker: Yanpeng Li (Toronto)
Title: TBA

[K-OS] Knot Online Seminar

Hosted by: University of Geneva

11/11/2021 - Speaker: Allison Miller (Rice University)
Title: Satellite operators and knot concordance

18/11/2021 - Speaker: Gordana Matic (University of Georgia)
Title: TBA

QFT, Strings and Beyond

Hosted by: ETH Zurich

03/11/2021 - Speaker: Lorenzo Bianchi (Università di Torino)
Title: A Page curve from boundary quenches

09/11/2021 - Speaker: Leron Borsten (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh)
Title: On colour-kinematic duality and the double copy

16/11/2021 - Speaker: Roberto Ruiz Gil (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Title: Wess-Zumino-Novikov-Witten spin-chain σ-models

23/11/2021 - Speaker: Elli Pomoni (DESY)
Title: Dynamical spin chains in 4D N = 2 SCFTs

30/11/2021 - Speaker: Carlo Maccaferri (Università di Torino)
Title: TBA

Talks in mathematical physics

Hosted by: ETH Zurich

04/11/2021 - Speaker: Michael Borinsky (ETH ITS)
Title: The Euler characteristic of Out(Fn) and renormalized topological field theory

18/11/2021 - Speaker: Rhea Palak Bakshi (ETH ITS)
Title: Skein modules and algebras




Resurgence of Chern-Simons theory at the trivial flat connection

Stavros Garoufalidis, Jie Gu, Marcos Marino, Campbell Wheeler

arXiv:2111.04763 More »


Receiver-Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution Protocols

Marie Ioannou, Pavel Sekatski, Alastair A. Abbott, Denis Rosset, Jean-Daniel Bancal, Nicolas Brunner

arXiv:2111.04351 More »


Gardner formula for Ising perceptron models at small densities

Erwin Bolthausen, Shuta Nakajima, Nike Sun, Changji Xu

arXiv:2111.02855 More »


The black hole information puzzle and the quantum de Finetti theorem

Renato Renner, Jinzhao Wang

arXiv:2110.14653 More »


On the abominable properties of the almost Mathieu operator with well approximated frequencies

Artur Avila, Yoram Last, Mira Shamis, Qi Zhou

arXiv:2110.07974 More »


Following the flow for large N and large charge

Domenico Orlando, Susanne Reffert, Tim Schmidt

arXiv:2110.07616 More »


Convexity, large charge and the large-N phase diagram of the φ4

Rafael Moser, Domenico Orlando, Susanne Reffert

arXiv:2110.07617 More »


Weight two compactly supported cohomology of moduli spaces of curves

Sam Payne, Thomas Willwacher

arXiv:2110.05711 More »


Enumerativity of virtual Tevelev degrees

Carl Lian, Rahul Pandharipande

arXiv:2110.05520 More »


D-branes in AdS_3×S^3×T^4 at k=1 and their holographic duals

Matthias R. Gaberdiel, Bob Knighton, Jakub Vošmera

arXiv:2110.05509 More »