DIVE into the infinite world of FRACTALS

Geneva, Switzerland

img_news_1Participate in building the first ever Level 3 Menger Sponge in Switzerland! This Interactive exhibition will take place from 16th May – 30th July at UNIGE's Uni Carl Vogt, 66 bd Carl-Vogt.More »

The annual Quantum Thermodynamics conference (QTD 2021) will take place online (4-8 Oct 2021)

Geneva, Switzerland

img_news_1The annual Quantum Thermodynamics conference QTD 2021will take place online from 4th to the 8th of October 2021. Our members Nicolas Brunner (UNIGE) and Géraldine Haack (UNIGE) are in the organizing committee.More »

TagesAnzeiger’s - Test your math skills

Zurich, Switzerland

img_news_1Our member Anna Beliakova (UZH) contributes to the weekly TagesAnzeiger’s outreach “Test your math skills” (DE), consisting of riddles and puzzling questions to put your math skills to test. This week’s episode was The Rabbit Riddle.More »

CLEO - Conference for laser science and photonics (09-14th May 2021)

Geneva, Switzerland

img_news_1Our member Nicolas Gisin (UNIGE) will be a Plenary Speaker at the world-renowned conference for laser science and photonics, CLEO (Online, 09-14th May 2021). His talk will take place 11th May and be entitled “From quantum foundations to quantum communications and back”More »

Numerous Numerosity (24-28 May 2021)


img_news_1We are delighted to announce that our member Nicolas Gisin (University of Geneva) is amongst the list of world-class plenary speakers of the upcoming online Numerous Numerosity: interdisciplinary conference on mathematical cognition, fundamental science, and philosophy of mathematics. His talk is scheduled for 26th May.More »

World Quantum Day interview-talk with Renato Renner (ETH Zurich)

Zurich, Switzerland

img_news_114 April 2021 is World Quantum Day! On the occasion of the launch of this initiative, the Quantum Center, ETH Zurich invites you, your family and friends to an online interview with Professors Yiwen Chu and our member Renato Renner, moderated by doctoral student Chiara Decaroli.More »




Quantum spectral problems and isomonodromic deformations

Mikhail Bershtein, Pavlo Gavrylenko, Alba Grassi

arXiv:2105.00985 More »


Quantum Key Distribution with Few Assumptions

Marie Ioannou, Maria Ana Pereira, Davide Rusca, Fadri Grünenfelder, Alberto Boaron, Matthieu Perrenoud, Alastair A. Abbott, Pavel Sekatski, Jean-Daniel Bancal, Nicolas Maring, Hugo Zbinden, Nicolas Brunner

arXiv:2104.14574 More »


Excitation Spectrum for Bose Gases beyond the Gross-Pitaevskii Regime

Christian Brennecke, Marco Caporaletti, Benjamin Schlein

arXiv:2104.13003 More »


Hamiltonian truncation in Anti-de Sitter spacetime

Matthijs Hogervorst, Marco Meineri, Joao Penedones, Kamran Salehi Vaziri

arXiv:2104.10689 More »


The String Dual to Free {\cal N}=4 Super Yang-Mills

Matthias R. Gaberdiel, Rajesh Gopakumar

arXiv:2104.08263 More »


Peacock patterns and new integer invariants in topological string theory

Jie Gu, Marcos Marino

arXiv:2104.07437 More »



SwissMAP Site Visit

25/05/2021 - 26/05/2021
Geneva (Online) - Switzerland

img_events_10The next internal SwissMAP Site visit will take place in May. as usual, this event will bring together the SNSF Review Panel members and SwissMAP Steering Committee and Project and Group Leaders. More »

Higher Structures in QFT and String Theory - A Virtual Conference for Junior Researchers

12/07/2021 - 16/07/2021
Online - Switzerland

img_events_10The conference aims at bringing together young people pursuing research at the intersection of theoretical and mathematical physics. The talks will take place on Zoom, and will be followed by extended coffee breaks on - a virtual platform for social interactions and scientific discussions.More »

Summer School on Current Topics in Mathematical Physics

19/07/2021 - 23/07/2021
Zurich - Switzerland

img_events_10This event is a satellite meeting of the International Congress of Mathematical Physics (CICG Geneva, August 2-7) and will take place just ahead of the Young Researchers Symposium (University of Geneva, July 29-31).More »

Topological phases of matter

25/07/2021 - 28/07/2021
Leysin - Switzerland

img_events_10The event is a Satellite Meeting of the International Congress of Mathematical Physics ICMP (Geneva, August 2-7) and will take place just ahead of the Young Researchers Symposium (July 29-31). More »

Gauge/Gravity Duality

26/07/2021 - 30/07/2021
Geneva - Switzerland

img_events_10 The conference has been postponed to July 26 - 30, 2021 to be held again at CERN. Gauge/Gravity Duality has established itself as a significant link between gravitation and quantum field theory. More »

Exhibitions - DIVE into the infinite world of FRACTALS

16/05/2021 to 30/7/2021
Geneva - Switzerland

img_events_10 Participate in building the first ever Level 3 Menger Sponge in Switzerland! This Interactive exhibition will take place at UNIGE's Uni Carl Vogt, 66 bd Carl-Vogt. Interactive exhibition on fractals is opened to the general public and classes.More »

Geneva to host ICMP 2021

29/07/2021 to 07/08/2021
Geneva - Switzerland

img_events_10 We are happy to announce that Geneva will be hosting the next International Congress of Mathematical Physics in 2021. The event is expected to attract around 800 participants from around the world. More »

SwissMAP Annual General Meeting

12/09/2021 to 15/09/2021
Les Diablerets - Switzerland

img_events_10 The next SwissMAP Annual General Meeting will take place in Les Diablerets from 12-15 September 2021. More information will be available nearer the date More »

Conference in honor of J.-P. Eckmann (UniGE)

07/06/2022 - 10/06/2022
Geneva - Switzerland

img_events_10The conference has been postponed to 2022, (previous dates: 22-25 June 2020 and 7-10 June 2021). This conference will bring together students and close collaborators of Jean-Pierre Eckmann on the occasion of his 50 years at the University of Geneva. More »



Matijn François

Location: UNIGE

Group: A. Grassi

Projects: String Theory, Field Theory

More »


Online Events

img_events_6Our events are being held online

May 2021
More »

Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems Seminar

Hosted by: University of Zurich

11.05.2020 - Speaker: Anders Karlsson (University of Geneva)
Title: Noncommuting random products and metric functionals

18.05.2020 - Speaker: Michael Magee (Durham University)
Title: The spectral gap of a random hyperbolic surface

25.05.2020 - Speaker: Benoit Kloeckner (Université Paris-Est)
Title: Extensions with shrinking fibers

Global Poisson Webinar series

Hosted by: University of Geneva

06/05/2021 - Nigel Higson (Pennsylvania State University)
Title: An introduction to the hypoelliptic Laplacian

13/05/2021 - Speaker: Lin Hui Shen
Title: TBA

20/05/2021 - Speaker: Adriano Tomassini (University of Parma)
Title: TBA

27/05/2021 - Speaker: Francesco Bonechi (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Florence)
Title: TBA

[K-OS] Knot Online Seminar

Hosted by: University of Geneva

06/05/2021 - Speaker: Jacob Rasmussen (University of Cambridge)
Title: An SL2(R) Casson–Lin invariant

13/05/2021 - Speaker: William Ballinger (Princeton University)
Title: Concordance invariants from Khovanov homology

20/05/2021 - Speaker: Delphine Moussard (Aix–Marseille Université)
Title: TBA

27/05/2021 - Speaker: Agnès Gadbled (Université Paris–Saclay)
Title: TBA

QFT, Strings and Beyond

Hosted by: ETH Zurich

04/05/2021 - Speaker: Till Bargheer (DESY and Hannover)
Title: M5-M2 Systems and the Affine Yangian

11/05/2021 - Speaker: Ida Zadeh (ICTP, Trieste)
Title: Narain to Narnia

18/05/2021 - Speaker: Brice Bastian (Utrecht)
Title: TBA

25/05/2021 - Speaker: André Kaderli (Humboldt and Max Planck Institute)
Title: TBA

Talks in mathematical physics

Hosted by: ETH Zurich

10/05/2021 - Speaker: Huafeng Zhang (Université de Lille)
Title: Shifted Yangians and polynomial R-matrices

17/05/2021 - Speaker: Matthias Traube ( Max-Planck-Institut für Physik, Munich)
Title: Cardy algebras, sewing constraints and string nets