"I was able to share the family work"

Geneva, Switzerland

img_news_1Our member Ruth Durrer (UNIGE) is the first portrait of the SCNAT portrait series of women scientists in Switzerland that will be published monthly during 2021.More »

Alumnus Nikita Nikolaev has won a Marie Curie Fellowship

Birmingham, UK

img_news_1Nikita, who is currently a Postdoc at the University of Sheffield, has won a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship from the European Commission which he will start in September 2022. The project is "Abelianisation of Connections, Quantum Curves, and Spectral Clusters".More »

Quantum Limits of Knowledge (29-31 March 2021)

Grenoble, France

img_news_1Our members Nicolas Gisin (UNIGE) and Renato Renner (ETH Zurich) are invited speakers of this online conference. In this second edition of the Quantum Limits of Knowledge (QLK21) the conference will feature 16 talks from prominent scholars, philosophers and physicists and two round tables.More »

RTS children’s programme interview Elise Raphael

Geneva, Switzerland

img_news_1The RTS children’s programme Brouhaha, interviewed SwissMAP Science Officer Elise Raphael earlier in March. We all have questions about maths! Fortunately, Mathscope has the answers to your questions! Especially when it comes to children’s questions.More »

Nicolas Gisin joins the new Schaffhausen Institute of Technology

Geneva, Switzerland

img_news_1Our member Nicolas Gisin has joined part-time the new Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) in Geneva. “The SIT is an international research-led institution founded by entrepreneurs, led by scientists, advanced by world-class researchers.”More »

NTK: unlocking the mysteries of deep learning

Lausanne, Switzerland

img_news_1Clément Hongler and his team from the Chair of Statistical Field Theory found a new way of understanding Artificial Neural Networks. Their 2018 paper has gathered a lot of attention from the scientific community and is now frequently used by researchers when they want to understand the training of large neural networks.More »

ICMP 2021 update: the event will be held as intended

Geneva, Switzerland

img_news_1We are glad to inform you that ICMP 2021 will be held as intended. As previously announced, due to the uncertainty related to the Covid-19 situation, the ICMP 2021 is currently planned in a hybrid format – in both physical presence and online.More »

Build the first ever Level 3 Menger Sponge in Switzerland with us!

Geneva, Switzerland

img_news_1The Megamenger will be displayed at the Exhibition Hall at the University of Geneva starting mid-May. Bring us your level 1 contributions or come build it at the exhibition to help us make the level 3 come to life !More »




A new perspective on Wasserstein distances for kinetic problems

Mikaela Iacobelli

arXiv:2104.00963 More »


Searching for continuous phase transitions in 5D SU(2) lattice gauge theory

Adrien Florio, João M. Viana P. Lopes José Matos, João Penedones

arXiv:2103.15242 More »


Tevelev degrees and Hurwitz moduli spaces

Alessio Cela, Rahul Pandharipande, Johannes Schmitt

arXiv:2103.14055 More »


The singular set in the Stefan problem

Alessio Figalli, Xavier Ros-Oton, Joaquim Serra

arXiv:2103.13379 More »


Gravitational Effective Field Theory Islands, Low-Spin Dominance, and the Four-Graviton Amplitude

Zvi Bern, Dimitrios Kosmopoulos, Alexander Zhiboedov

arXiv:2103.12728 More »


From Schrödinger to Hartree--Fock and Vlasov equations with Singular potentials

Jacky Chong, Laurent Lafleche, Chiara Saffirio

arXiv:2103.10946 More »


Correlations of primary fields in the critical Ising model

Dmitry Chelkak, Clément Hongler, Konstantin Izyurov

arXiv:2103.10263 More »


Bosonization of Fermionic Many-Body Dynamics

Niels Benedikter, Phan Thành Nam, Marcello Porta, Benjamin Schlein, Robert Seiringer

arXiv:2103.08224 More »


A characterisation of the continuum Gaussian free field in d \geq 2 dimensions

Juhan Aru, Ellen Powell

arXiv:2103.07273 More »


Closed string deformations in open string field theory II: superstring

Carlo Maccaferri, Jakub Vošmera

arXiv:2103.04920 More »


Closed string deformations in open string field theory III: {\cal N}=2 worldsheet localization

Carlo Maccaferri, Jakub Vošmera

arXiv:2103.04921 More »



SwissMAP Site Visit

25/05/2021 - 26/05/2021
Geneva (Online) - Switzerland

img_events_10The next internal SwissMAP Site visit will take place in May. as usual, this event will bring together the SNSF Review Panel members and SwissMAP Steering Committee and Project and Group Leaders. More »

Higher Structures in QFT and String Theory - A Virtual Conference for Junior Researchers

12/07/2021 - 16/07/2021
Online - Switzerland

img_events_10The conference aims at bringing together young people pursuing research at the intersection of theoretical and mathematical physics. The talks will take place on Zoom, and will be followed by extended coffee breaks on - a virtual platform for social interactions and scientific discussions.More »

Summer School on Current Topics in Mathematical Physics

19/07/2021 - 23/07/2021
Zurich - Switzerland

img_events_10This event is a satellite meeting of the International Congress of Mathematical Physics (CICG Geneva, August 2-7) and will take place just ahead of the Young Researchers Symposium (University of Geneva, July 29-31).More »

Topological phases of matter

25/07/2021 - 28/07/2021
Leysin - Switzerland

img_events_10The event is a Satellite Meeting of the International Congress of Mathematical Physics ICMP (Geneva, August 2-7) and will take place just ahead of the Young Researchers Symposium (July 29-31). More »

Gauge/Gravity Duality

26/07/2021 - 30/07/2021
Geneva - Switzerland

img_events_10 The conference has been postponed to July 26 - 30, 2021 to be held again at CERN. Gauge/Gravity Duality has established itself as a significant link between gravitation and quantum field theory. More »

Geneva to host ICMP 2021

29/07/2021 to 07/08/2021
Geneva - Switzerland

img_events_10 We are happy to announce that Geneva will be hosting the next International Congress of Mathematical Physics in 2021. The event is expected to attract around 800 participants from around the world. More »

SwissMAP Annual General Meeting

12/09/2021 to 15/09/2021
Les Diablerets - Switzerland

img_events_10 The next SwissMAP Annual General Meeting will take place in Les Diablerets from 12-15 September 2021. More information will be available nearer the date More »

Conference in honor of J.-P. Eckmann (UniGE)

07/06/2022 - 10/06/2022
Geneva - Switzerland

img_events_10The conference has been postponed to 2022, (previous dates: 22-25 June 2020 and 7-10 June 2021). This conference will bring together students and close collaborators of Jean-Pierre Eckmann on the occasion of his 50 years at the University of Geneva. More »


Online Events

img_events_6Our events are now being held online

Mar - Apr 2021
More »

Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems Seminar

Hosted by: University of Zurich

06.04.2020 - Speaker: Selim Ghazouani (University of Warwick)
Title: Renormalisation and rigidity of generalised interval exchange maps

27.04.2020 - Speaker: Rhiannon Dougall (University of Bristol)
Title: Critical exponents via twisted Patterson-Sullivan measures

Global Poisson Webinar series

Hosted by: University of Geneva

08/04/2021 - Yunhe Sheng
Title: Deformations, cohomology and homotopy of relative Rota-Baxter Lie algebras

[K-OS] Knot Online Seminar

Hosted by: University of Geneva

08/04/2021 - Speaker: Andrew Lobb (Durham University)
Title: Four-sided pegs fitting round holes fit all smooth holes

29/04/2021 - Speaker: David Leturcq (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyōto University)
Title: TBA

QFT, Strings and Beyond

Hosted by: ETH Zurich

23/03/2021 - Speaker: Till Bargheer (DESY and Hannover)
Title: Deconstructing AdS/CFT with integrability

13/04/2021 - Speaker: David Skinner (Cambridge)
Title: TBA

20/04/2021 - Speaker: Mathew Bullimore (Durham)
Title: TBA

Talks in mathematical physics

Hosted by: ETH Zurich

12/04/2021 - Speaker: Michele Schiavina (ETH Zurich)
Title: TBA

19/04/2021 - Speaker: Gabriele Rembado (Bonn)
Title: Irregular WNZW conformal blocks

10/05/2021 - Speaker: Huafeng Zhang (Université de Lille)
Title: TBA



Tatiana Tikhonovskaia

Location: UNIGE

Group: A. Alekseev

Projects: Field Theory, Geometry, Topology and Physics

More »