Mixed Scalar-Current bootstrap in three dimensions

Wednesday, 13 November, 2019

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We study the mixed system of correlation functions involving a scalar field charged under a global U(1) symmetry and the associated conserved spin-1 current J_\mu. Using numerical bootstrap techniques we obtain bounds on new observables not accessible in the usual scalar bootstrap. We then specialize to the O(2) model and extract rigorous bounds on the three-point function coefficient of two currents and the unique relevant scalar singlet, as well as those of two currents and the stress tensor. Using these results, and comparing with a quantum Monte Carlo simulation of the O(2) model conductivity, we give estimates of the thermal one-point function of the relevant singlet and the stress tensor. We also obtain new bounds on operators in various sectors.


Marten Reehorst
Emilio Trevisani
Alessandro Vichi