Hydrodynamics without boosts

Wednesday, 6 November, 2019

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We construct the general first-order hydrodynamic theory invariant under time translations, the Euclidean group of spatial transformations and preserving particle number, that is with symmetry group \mathbb{R}_t×ISO(d)×U(1). Such theories are important in a number of distinct situations, ranging from the hydrodynamics of graphene to flocking behaviour and the coarse-grained motion of self-propelled organisms. Furthermore, given the generality of this construction, we are are able to deduce special cases with higher symmetry by taking the appropriate limits. In this way we write the complete first-order theory of Lifshitz-invariant hydrodynamics. Among other results we present a class of non-dissipative first order theories which preserve parity.


Igor Novak
Julian Sonner
Benjamin Withers