Feynman diagrams and the large charge expansion in 3−varepsilon dimensions

Tuesday, 19 November, 2019

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In arXiv:1909.01269 it was shown that the scaling dimension of the lightest charge n operator in the U(1) model at the Wilson-Fisher fixed point in d=4−varepsilon can be computed semiclassically for arbitrary values of \lambda_n, where \lambdais the perturbatively small fixed point coupling. Here we generalize this result to the fixed point of the U(1) model in 3−varepsilon dimensions. The result interpolates continuously between diagrammatic calculations and the universal conformal superfluid regime for CFTs at large charge. In particular it reproduces the expectedly universal O(Q^0) contribution to the scaling dimension of large charge operators in 3d CFTs.


Gil Badel
Gabriel Cuomo
Alexander Monin
Riccardo Rattazzi