Winners of this year's SwissMAP PhD & Postdoc video competition

Monday, 9 September, 2019

Congratulations to Ofir David (UZH) who is this year’s winner of the SwissMAP PhD & Postdoc video competition. In his video: Researching the mathematics of billiard tables, he explains his research on the evolution from a simple problem to a research problem.

Nikita Nikolaev's (UNIGE) video: Abelianisation of Differential Equations was winner of the second prize.

The SwissMAP PhDs & Postdoc video competition was launched this year and aims to answer, to non-specialist audiences, the question which is often asked  “So, what’s your PhD or research about?”


Submitted videos form our members were judged on explanation of scientific knowledge to a non-specialist audience as well as creativity and overall presentation.



We would like to thank the members of the Jury: Shaula Fiorelli, (SwissMAP outreach officer), Prof. Marcos Mariño, (SwissMAP String Theory Project Leader), Alessandro Sfondrini (SwissMAP member and author of outreach videos on string theory and black holes), Prof. Julian Sonner (SwissMAP Group Leader)