SwissMAP Innovator Prize 2019

Tuesday, 18 June, 2019

Congratulations to our members Nina Holden  and Lorenz Eberhardt who have been awarded the 2019 SwissMAP Innovator Prize!

The SwissMAP Innovator Prize is awarded once a year to PhD students or Postdocs for important scientific achievements in the NCCR SwissMAP research areas.





Nina HOLDEN (ETH Zurich, W. Werner Group)

for her impressive work on probabilistic topics related to mathematical physics, such as Liouville quantum gravity, random planar maps and their embeddings and scaling limits, random allocations and matchings, and trace reconstruction

Lorenz EBERHARDT (ETH Zurich, M. Gaberdiel Group))

for important insights into string theory on AdS3 and its dual 2d CFT


The award ceremony will take place during the SwissMAP General Meeting in Villars-sur-Ollon, September 08-11, 2019.