Master Class 2019/2020 in Mathematical Physics



The program is aimed at Master students and beginning PhD students. Participants will enroll in a one-year program at the University of Geneva starting in September 2019, providing 60 ECTS credits.
Participants will be offered the possibility of obtaining a Master Degree from the University of Geneva by completing a Master Thesis for 30 additional ECTS credits.

Tuition fee for regular (master) students at the University of Geneva is 500 Swiss Francs per semester. There is no tuition fee for exchange students.

A number of fellowships covering accommodation and local expenses are available.

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Registration is now closed.

If you have any questions concerning the program, please write to:


Fall Semester:

  • Introduction to Statistical Mechanics I - Yvan Velenik
  • Quantum Mechanics for mathematicians - Anton Alekseev
  • Randow growth and Loewer evolution - Stanislav Smirnov and Amanda Turner
  • Random Matrices and Universality I - Antti Knowles

Spring Semester:

  • Introduction to Statistical Mechanics II: The example of the Ising model  - Hugo Duminil-Copin
  • An introduction to Topological Field Theory - Marcos Marino
  • Quantum information theory - Nicolas Brunner
  • Knots and Quantum Groups: Theory and Computations without Representations - Dror Bar Natan 
  • Random Matrices and Universality II - Johannes Alt


Spring Semester: Anna Beliakova, Vincent Tassion (Zurich)


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