Amsterdam-Brussels-Geneva-Paris Doctoral School 2014

Monday, 13 October, 2014 to Friday, 19 December, 2014
Amsterdam-Brussels-Geneva-Paris Doctoral School

Geneva is co-hosting the annual doctoral school on Quantum Field Theory, Strings and Gravity, aiming to provide first-year PhD students in string theory with advanced courses that help bridge the gap between Master-level courses and the most recent advances in the field. The 2014 program is spread over three locations: Brussels, Paris, and Geneva.

The Swiss part of the school will take place from 1 to 19 of December 2014. For full consideration, students should register before the end of July.


Brussels: 13 October - 31 October 2014
Paris: 3 November - 21 November 2014
Geneva: 1 December - 19 December 2014

Integrability in QFT and AdS/CFT - Niklas Beisert
QFT in curved space - Matthias Blau
2d CFT - Matthias Gaberdiel
Large N and instantons in QFT - Marcos Marino
Introduction to AdS/CFT - Kyriakos Papadodimas